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Dean Hill Cemetery
7421 N. Palmyra Rd.
Canfield, Ohio 44406

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In 1822 a Baptist church was organized at the house of David Hayes near the site of the present cemetery. In 1827-28, influenced by a visit from Walter Scott, most of the members were converted to the new Disciple faith. A church was erected soon after on land purchased from William Dean. A burial ground was provided at the site with existing grave markers dating to 1837. The congregation grew so rapidly that in 1848 some of the members withdrew to form a second Disciple church in the village of Canfield. By 1867 most of the original founders had died and the dwindling congregation decided to unite with the church in town. The old frame church was abandoned but remained a landmark until it was razed in the late 1880’s. Today only the carriage step stone remains as a reminder of the church location. The Dean Hill Cemetery continues to serve as a final resting place for the descendants of its founders and for the Canfield community.

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Why people choose Dean Hill Cemetery:

  • It is a quiet county cemetery.
  • We allow upstanding markers.
  • We allow flowers/plantings.
  • It is very well kept and clean.

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Commonly Asked Questions - Cemetery

Yes. A foundation will need approval by the sexton. The foundation must be paid for in advance and the Township will then install the foundation and notify the monument company for installation.

Yes. They must remain on your plot and be maintained or they will be removed.

We have a marker with a birthdate of 1787.

There are no Sunday or Holiday burials. Saturday burials are additional.

No, however a vault is required for full body burials so a vault company will be required. You will also need to obtain a burial permit for both full burials and the burial of cremains. All burials require advance notice.